SelfEco Pots in the Fall

As we head into fall, it’s time to revisit the SelfEco pots that many of the plants sold at Wagners this past spring were growing in. These pots are made from plant starches found in corn, switch grass and sugar beets and are designed to break down naturally over an extended period of time. It’s not a matter of days or weeks but rather many months for these pots to totally breakdown. As the SelfEco pots break down over time, they also help provide nutrients for the plants.

In the fall when you pull or dig out your plants, you’ll see that the pot is still there but rather than being hard like it was in the spring, it will be much more pliable. This is the degradation process taking place. There are three things you can do and three things you should not do with these pots once dug up.


Toss the pots into your compost bin along with the plants and any attached soil.

Put them in your garden to break down. Yes, they can be tilled into the soil.

Place them in your organic compost bin if your city has that option.


Throw them in your garbage can.

Place with your recycling (newspaper, plastic, cardboard, etc.)

Put them in with your yard waste (grass clippings, etc.)

SelfEco Pots, good for your plants, good for the environment and 100% compostable over time.