Best Electric Garden Tillers & Cultivators Reviews

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If you are a seasoned gardener, then you know that fertile soil is one of the key factors for successful gardening. One way of making sure your garden remains fertile is through tilling. Tilling is basically turning the soil over and breaking it up from hard compacted soil to loose soil. For you to till your garden properly, you require the right garden tools and that’s why we bring you the best electric garden tillers on the market today.

As you till your garden, you enable the organic matter found on the soil surface to get deeper into the soil which facilitate the growth of strong roots for your plants. Tilling is also important as it helps to aerate the soil and allow proper drainage. In addition, tilling removes weeds and unwanted roots in your garden that compete for nutrients with your plants.

Tilling and preparing your garden for new planting season is hard work, but with the right equipment, your work is made easier and even fun. There are many different types of tillers available in the market, so we have put together a list of best electric garden tillers that you can consider buying.


Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch 13.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator, Grey

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This Tiller/Cultivator is one of the best electric garden tillers that makes your tilling experience easy and comfortable thanks to its soft ergonomic handle.

The handle also provides a good grip which makes it easy for you to move it through the garden.

It has a single lever switch that is easy to start as long as it plugged to a power outlet.

Its 16 Inch cultivating width and 8 Inch cultivating depth makes it well suited for your small and middle-sized gardens, flower beds or vegetable garden.

The Tiller/Cultivator is driven by an environmentally friendly 13.5 Amp motor which is solely powered by electricity therefore it does not produce harmful fumes that can make you uncomfortable while tilling your garden.

An interesting feature about this tiller/cultivator is that comes with 6 adjustable tines.

It is also lightweight in design, easy to operate and store.

Key Features

  • 6 adjustable tines
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Powerful 13.5 Amp motor
  • Adjustable width
  • Easy to start single level switch


  • Adjustable width
  • Ergonomic handle with a soft grip
  • Light weight
  • Easy storage
  • Does not produce harmful fumes


Not suited for large gardens


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Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator, Black

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This Tiller/Cultivator features a powerful 13.5 Amp motor which enables it to maneuver easily through the soil providing the much-needed aeration for your garden.

It has a cultivating width of 16 inches and a depth of 8 inches and 3-position wheel adjustment which makes your tilling experience much comfortable and less strenuous.

The Tiller/Cultivator comes with a collapsible handle which makes storage easier especially if you have limited storage space.

The collapsible handle also makes it easy to carry around. It also has 6 durable steel angled tines which provide maximum performance and durability.

Key Features:

  • Powerful 13.5 Amp motor
  • 3-position wheel adjustment
  • 6 durable steel angled tines
  • Collapsible handle for easy storage and transportation
  • 16 inches cultivating width and 8 inches cultivating depth
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to store and carry around
  • Does not produce smoke and harmful fumes
  • Height-adjustable rear wheels


Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator

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This Tiller/Cultivator is also an excellent tool that you can use to get your garden ready for planting.

It has 4 durable steel tines powered by an 8.5 Amp motor which ensures that the hard-compact soil is adequately broken down to provide aeration and easy movement of water and nutrients within the soil.

It has a cultivating width of 11 inches and cultivating depth of 8 inches which makes it ideal for small and medium sized gardens, flower beds and vegetable gardens.

This best electric garden tiller is easy and comfortable to operate as it’s lightweight and has an ergonomic handle.

It is fitted with a cord retention hook which secures the extension cord and ensures your work is not interrupted by the extension cord.

It is easy to maintain as it does not require regular maintenance, gas or oil.

Key Features:

  • 8.5-Amp electric motor
  • 11 Inches tilling width and 8 Inches tilling depth
  • 4 durable steel tines
  • Cord retention hook for securing the extension cord during use
  • Rear wheels for easy transportation
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic Handle


  • Easy storage due to its lightweight design
  • Ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use
  • Smooth transportation offered by the rear wheels
  • Minimal interruptions as the extension cord is secured by a retention hook
  • Does not require maintenance nor does it produce fumes and smoke


  • Larger weeds tend to clog the tiller


Greenworks 10-Inch 40V Cordless Tiller/Cultivator

Best Electric Garden Tiller

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One major feature about this best electric garden tiller is that it is cordless.

Most electric tillers have extension cords which means that you have to constantly check the position of the extension cord so that you don’t cut it off accidentally.

This Tiller is powered by a G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery. The battery has a quick charge time and can be charged any time with no negative effect on the memory.

The battery has a low discharge rate and continues to perform optimally even after many charge cycles.

The tilling width can be adjusted between 8.25 Inches to 10 inches while the tilling depth can go up to 5 Inches.

The tiller has 4 forward rotating tines that are 8 inches long which are ideal for loosening the ground.

Key Features:

  • Cordless, uses G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery
  • Adjustable Tilling width of 8.25 Inch to 10 Inch
  • Adjustable Tilling depth up to 5 Inches
  • 4 forward rotating tines which are 8 Inches long


  • No extension cords
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable tilling width and depth
  • No need for maintenance and does not produce fumes
  • Reliable battery that is compatible with other yard maintenance tools


  • Not suitable for hard and rocky ground
  • Battery and Charger are not included


Sun Joe TJ600E Joe 14-Inch 6.5 Amp Electric Tiller/Cultivator, 6.0

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This Tiller/Cultivator is best suited for small and medium sized gardens.

It can be used for starting a new garden or reclaiming an old garden.

It comes with a powerful 6.5 Amp motor and cultivates a 14 Inch width and 7 Inch depth.

It is durable and offers maximum performance thanks to its 4 steel tilling blades.

It is maintenance free as it requires nor gas, oil or tune ups.

Key Features:

  • Powerful 6.5 Amp motor
  • 4 Durable Steel Angled Tines
  • Cultivating width of 14 Inches and 7 Inches cultivating depth
  • Collapsible Handle for easy storage
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Durable
  • Maintenance Free
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to start with just a push of a button




Factors to consider when choosing an Electric Garden Tiller

Before getting yourself an Electric Tiller, some of the factors that you should take into consideration are as follows:

  1. Size of Your Garden

The size of your garden will help you decide the size of the electric tiller to purchase.

Tillers come in different engine sizes and power therefore, some tillers are best suited for small and medium sized gardens and flower beds while others can be comfortably used in larger gardens.

If you intend to use the tiller for large projects or if you are a professional gardener or landscaper you may need to get a tiller that has the greater engine power which can withstand such tasks.

  1. Soil Type

Another important factor that you need to consider is the type of soil in your garden.

If your soil is hard and rocky you may need to get a larger tiller with stronger blades.

This will ensure that the tiller can withstand the hard soil and the rocks without any clogs and breakages.

If you have soft and loose soil in your garden, a smaller tiller can work just fine.

  1. Cost of the Tiller

In general, electric tillers tend to be cheaper than gas tillers.

Electric Tillers also do not require maintenance as it is the case with gas tillers.

Greenworks electric garden tiller

If you intend to use the tiller occasionally for your gardening tasks, you can consider getting a cheaper tiller. However, if you are a professional gardener or landscaper, a tiller will be a major work equipment therefore you can go for a more expensive tiller that will match your desired quality.

  1. Adjustable

An adjustable tiller will give you the flexibility to change the cultivating width and depth depending on your specific needs.

Going for a tiller that is adjustable will provide some convenience and comfort as you till your garden.  

  1. Type of Tines

Tines come in different forms and each is suited for specific tasks. It is therefore important understand the intended purpose of the tiller before making a purchase.

One type of tines is known as bolo tines. These tines are best suited for deep tilling.

The other type known as chisel tines is usually slightly curved and is mostly used for rocky and hardened soil. This type does not work well in gardens with vegetation due to clogging.

Slasher tines are short and sharp and are mostly used in gardens with weeds, vegetation or roots within the soil.


How should you prepare your garden for tilling?

Apart from having the right tiller for your tilling tasks, preparing your garden for tilling is equally important. It will make your tilling experience less daunting and will minimize the chances of your tiller malfunctioning.

The following simple steps offer guidance on how to prepare your garden for tilling:

  1. Perform a Soil Test

Performing a soil test will give you insights on the level of nutrients in the soil and the pH level of the soil.

Keep in mind that one of the reasons for tilling is to turn the soil around and mix it up with the nutrients.

If you discover your soil is not rich in nutrients you can consider adding common amendments such as organic fertilizer or lime.

Once you till the garden the amendments will then mix with the soil and improve its fertility.

  1. Remove Weeds, shrubs and grass

When you remove vegetation such as weeds, shrubs and grass from your garden, tilling becomes much easier.

Your tiller will move seamlessly through the soil without experiencing vegetation clogs which can slow you down or damage your tiller.

  1. Remove Obstructions

The garden can have obstructions such as small and large rocks, roots and other hard materials.

These obstructions can damage your tiller especially if you are working with smaller tiller and can obstruct your plants from sprouting or getting enough sunlight.

  1. Choose an appropriate time

Most tillers work best when the soil is dry. You may therefore need to consider waiting till the soil is dry enough before tilling.


Best Electric Garden Tillers Frequently Asked Questions


Do Electric tillers really work?

Electric tillers will work well provided they are correctly used. It is also important to ensure you purchase a tiller that is best suited for the job.

Most electric tillers are best suited for small and medium size gardens which have been tilled before.

However, there are some models that can be used for breaking new ground or for use in gardens with hard and compact soil.

Best Electric Garden Tiller

What is the best tiller in the market?

The choice of a tiller is informed by the needs of the gardener.

There are many best electric garden tillers available in the market all which have different reviews from gardeners who have used them. One tiller may be suitable for one person and to another person, it may fail to meet the expectations.

Before making buying a tiller, look at the features of the tiller, reviews from other gardeners and the condition of your garden.

What is the difference between a tiller or a cultivator?

A tiller is basically used to break compact and hard soil into loose soil that can be used for planting.

On the other hand, a cultivator is used for mixing up soil that is already loose.

It can also be used when you want to mix the loose soil with compost, fertilizer or to remove weeds from your garden. Cultivators are not suitable for breaking new gardens.



Your gardening experience will change for the better when you get yourself an electric tiller. Electric garden tillers are easy to manage unlike the gas-powered garden tillers. They also work quickly saving you time, are easy to operate and most of them are affordable.

We hope this article will provide you with information to help you choose the best electric garden tillers for your gardening needs.


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