Begonia Immense

I must say this particular begonia has a hairy leaf stem similar like the Star Begonia. I’m rather surprised that this one is considered as a heirloom begonia where it had been handed down from generations and did not make it in the usual plant market.

I’m guessing when I see this – it reminds me that the factor where most hardy begonia’s never seemed to make it in the plant market rather it had been exchanged or sold by gardeners privately via online.

I managed to get this one from a private collector who cultivate this in her kampung.

Talk about Hardy Begonias – I often look out for Kampung Begonias aka Asam Batu Kampung – it seemed they are much hardy and durable and handle well without much care.

Coming Back to this one – Begonia Immense seemed to be a little slow grower – I’m cultivating it in my hydroponic basket where it seemed to do best in that condition. The earlier foliage seemed to burned and withered but the newer ones had acclimated in my garden conditions – which reminds me that most begonias seemed to behave that way, they die back but the new foliage seemed to acclimated to the current garden environment and had stabilized in that available humidity conditions.

I have yet to come across any other specimen from most begonia collectors and suspecting that this is very much available in rural areas. Apart from that – I understand the Care & Cultivation is very much similar as most Begonias that does well in the Tropical Region.

Begonia Common Names and Images

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